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katrina's Journal

Friday, April 21, 2006

1:09PM - time for some fun

so this mornin i woke up very dizzy i have no idea why.. i went drinkin on weds its friday.. i shouldnt be feelin the effect now... hmmmm however tonight we are goin to crackers again i think... and then to haywires... only reason why is because its closer to home lol so we are gonna be at crackers around 8 so if u wanna join feel free to. :) weds was interesting mel and i went to crackers and we were a little messed up no let me take that back we were really messed up. so we were watchin people walk by and stuff well these two men came and one had his shirt open lik he was from saturday night fever no joke.. i was like ewwwww cause his hair was all hangin out it was nasty.. well after crackers we went to haywires i saw a couple people well after a couple of hours who do u think walks in but those same two guys... lol its so funny cause they were all tryin to get their game up and come over to our table so they finally did lol yikes.. i dunno what they thought they were gonna get but it wasnt anything however i think all night we paid for like 2 beers that was nice. but the next day at work.. it was soooooooooooooo hottttttt mel and i were lookin at eachother like we wanted to die.. everything was spinnin i was like oh lord i just wanted to leave. but we got thru it. anyways the point of this post is to invite everyone to crackers and haywires.. hope to see yall there!!! xoxo

Current mood: nauseated

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1:21AM - fuck those fuckin fuckers

What swear word are you?
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now if this doesnt fit me then i dont know what does... except for cunt.. thats a really nasty word!!! but the rest ohh yea baby!! lmao
anyways.. hopefully this weekend or next we are all goin to foxys ill post more details.. we are tryin to get everyone to go see old friends and stuff... anyways everyone take it easy!!! xoxo

Current mood: crazy

Monday, April 17, 2006

2:09AM - oh joy

Your Personality Profile

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does this sound like me????

happy easter everyone! take it easy

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

10:23PM - lol quiz time **lush slip**

day this one is funny i had to do it

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A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

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lol this sounds kind of true... :) hehehe
hmmmm i put my sisters name in there and she is sexually stunning.... ummmm thats my little sister man.

<td align="center"> katrina --

A steamy steamy shower

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Current mood: optimistic


hey everyone! well sorry its been so long weve been goin thru some tough times. anyways im workin up at the new england cafe its next to the liquor store so come see me if ya want to. this should be the month that everything changes for me.. i pray its a great month... including my new 06 chevy cobalt, new apartment and starting college... isnt that ashame im just not starting college and i havent even signed up so im not even to that point yet.... i have so many regrets i wish i wouldnt have gone down the wrong path.. i know i disappointed alot of people... anyways i think im gonna get goin... i have off tomorrow so im not quite sure what im gonna do. take it easy everyone...

Saturday, March 4, 2006


hey everyone!!! well unfortunatly i dont have a puter right now at the house im at the library so ill leave a new message when i get the puter back... KIMBERLY CALL ME DAMNIT I WANT TO SEE MY NIECE!!!!! LOL hope everything is ok!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006



Friday, January 13, 2006

3:03AM - another drunken night...

well here goes another drunk night!

kim and bob congrats on such a beautiful baby!!!! all that hair hehehehe :) im sooo happy for yall!!!!


take it easy everyone.....

Current mood: drunk

Saturday, January 7, 2006

6:59PM - awwwwwww its about time momma!

well congratulations to kim and bob on having their new baby girl!!! :) i cant wait to see my new little niece!! welcome to the world baby paige!! :) i will see u soon kim! take it easy and if u need anything u know the #.

lol tonight seems as if it will be a phone night hahahaha LADIES NIGHT

Current mood: silly

Friday, January 6, 2006

5:05PM - .....

so i find out this dude ive been talkin to has been datin some girl for like a couple months and they are engaged.. heh go figure my luck right... and he cant even tell me. i get to hear it from other sources.. eh blah.
i checked voicemail today and my uncle left a message sayin that my aunt had passed away.. we arent sure of what yet because we didnt get to talk to him... :( RIP Charmaine

Current mood: depressed

Monday, January 2, 2006


well happy new year all!!! i hope urs was as drunk as mine!! i didnt go anywhere due to someone havin to work.. go figure.. anyways.. i def got drunk with e&j u can always count on erk and jerk to fuck u up!!! :) my mom and sister were laughin at me cause i was so drunk tryin to yell at my sister while being drunk was hard!! funny but hard!! lol i woke up my stepdad cause there were no batteries in the remote needless to say he was a litte pissed off bout me wakin him up but realized that i was drunk so it was all good in the end! well i pray this year will be great im sure it will be!!!!

im thinkin bout takin a poll on kims baby girl bein born lol :) my little niece have u and bob decided on a name yet???

well all im gonna go drift into my beer drinkin and spades playin!! ALL U HOOKERS AND PIMPS BE READY CAUSE ITS 2006 WHAT!!!! LMAO

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


hope everyones christmas was awesome!! happy new year yall!! dont get into toooo much trouble!! :)
im not sure what im doin on new years now.. heh.. partyin thats for damn sure!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

11:38AM - just a little update...

well now... its been a little while. im in a great mood today! my grandma came over yesterday and stayed the night, we arent fightin anymore which is really good!!! :)

im sitting here lookin at my mother sayin "this spoon is hard to eat with" its just like every other spoon shes really losing her memory she is thinking im 19 and younger at times. *sigh* but thank u god for lettin her be here!

so an old friend came over out of the blue the other day :) he came from the army good to see him!

jake and i went to the movies and we did mini golf that shit was fun but it was raining which made it even more fun! haha we saw the family stone it was a pretty good movie just realllllly long. heh

so im thinkin im gonna go to college for motivational speaker.. it might just be a minor. my major will prob be massage/physical therapist. now i have to pick a college.... any suggestions???
well im gonna go now

Current mood: high

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10:35AM - well now...

lets see here... heh i dont have much to say just thought i would leave yall some love!!! xoxo haha so i def talked to layson and tommy yesterday!! and a few other peeps thanx myspace and thank u all for buggin me to get it! ha ha... now i just need my pic up there damnit.. grrr
so new years!! def gonna be some fun!! mike is comin to get me its a date! cant wait for new years!! yay!

so anywayz....... kimberly grace fugate u little punk! pete told me he saw u at THE WAY u were out here and u didnt come see me!! wtf! lol u prob forgot where i live haha

well toodles all!
love peace and hair grease

Current mood: bored

Monday, December 12, 2005


ok so i got a myspace.. lol i dunno wtf im doin on it but hey! its all good! if i knew what to send u to look me up i would i guess my email pink_irish_rose21@yahoo.com i guess.. heh let me know!!! so im gettin into some deep convo with mike.. lol tryin to.. he is too funny..

so im livin right now.. thats all i can say! ill leave more love lata!! xoxo

Saturday, December 10, 2005

7:49PM - damn.. RIP

richard pryor rest in peace!! damn... thats so sad such a great actor he was 65.. :(

ill update more later..


Wednesday, December 7, 2005

3:01PM - no planes for me!!

so my soap was just interrupted with a news update...
apparently a man aboard a plane that landed at miami international airport told the people on the plane that he had a bomb or some sort of device like that.. when he tried to exit the plane the air marshals went after him... he turned and looked as if he was goin to rush them and they shot him.

i am never goin on a plane again.. so i guess i wont be leavin N.A. haha

ill update more later when i see what else they have to say.. for now i am goin to watch montel williams. sylvia brown is on today!

Current mood: sleepy

Monday, December 5, 2005

7:02PM - PARTY!!!!!!!!

1 2 3 AND
hope u get everything u wished for!!! :)

so i went to the doctor today turns out he is just a physical therapist.. thats not the kind of treatment i need right now.. sooo we left.. so now i have to find a new doctor..

christmas is comin soon... hmmmm...

well toodles!

Current mood: sore

Saturday, December 3, 2005

4:17PM - Good Afternoon

well im feelin exceptionally good today.. i dont really know why but im in a good mood :)

soooo UCF GREAT JOB on makin it to the citrus bowl... err not sure who won i fell asleep durin the mail.. all i know is i dont want to be anywhere around there when those people leave YIKES!!!

sooooooooooooooo ok im gonna go... herbal essences are calling my name!! *i love taking showers* ha ha ha....


Current mood: chipper

Friday, December 2, 2005

9:41PM - a BIG *sigh* of relief

i went to the attorneys office today.. i think they are gonna take my case when the lady saw my pics she couldnt believe it she was like i can just imagine how much pain ur in.. im like yea ur tellin me... so thats a good thing..
my mom got a check today so we sent off a payment to the credit card company so the lawsuit can be dropped.. thats another plus..

today i took a step back after some herbal essences i got into deep thought.. alot of stuff came to mind.. i just broke down and cried.. god has a plan for me cause there have been a couple times in my life where i cant believe im alive still. i just thank god!!! its amazing.. im not tryin to sound like im a ranting religious person tryin to make everyone believe in god. im just sayin hes saved me alot and im just thankful. u have to humble urself for sure..
thank u will u really helped me relieve a heavy load today.. our talk was great!!

so march i should be gettin my money.. thats when i will be visiting some select places.. kim ur gonna have to let me know where ya live so i can come and visit and see the baby!!! hehe i cant wait!

and day u too but u already knew that..
and a few other people u know who u are i dont want to mention any names cause it could cause drama! heh!

Current mood: calm

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